Records from as early as 1902 shows that Collie had an active cycle club.
Interested person were pushing to have a track built around the

recreation ground. This did not happen at the time but was achieved.

With formation of the Collie Districts Bicycle Club a gravel surface

track was constructed around the recreation ground. The First World

War saw the club fall into dissolution.

The club regained momentum around 1924 when a meeting was called for

persons interested in the sport. Within twelve months cycling was very

strong in the town with competition in both road and track cycling. It

was the next year 1925, that the first of what was to become the now

historic Collie to Donnybrook and Return had its first run. This is

the premier road race in the Western Australian cycling calendar

Over the next thirty years the club would go from strength to

strength. The gravel track around the recreation ground was sealed and

had lighting added. Then in the mid 1950’s it was decided to build a

velodrome in Collie. This was opened on the 31st January 1955.

Over the next ten years Collie would produce a number of state and

national champions. During these hay days Collie was known as “Cycling


By the mid 1960’s the club once again lost members and lapsed. In 1969

local rider a Colin Rossiter, who was a state and national champion

started the club up again. The first events were staged at the old

abandoned go cart track. Eventually the reformed Collie Cycle Club

with its new riders moved back to the velodrome. The club once again

went from strength to strength, and again would produce champion


Over the next forty years the club would have many ups and downs,

still producing champion riders. Even in the lean times the Collie

Cycle Club has always maintained the tradition of the Collie to

Donnybrook and Tom Lowry road races. In 2009 the club is once again in

a resurgence phase and looking forward to a strong future.

Club Values:

1.     Loyality.

2.     Honesty.

3.     Committment.

4.     Leadership.

5.     Encouragement.

6.     Empathy.

Club Goals:

1.     Maintain Club Values.

2.     Social Interaction – Riders/Non Riders.

3.     Maintain the 2 classic cycle races we hold each year. The Tom

Lowry Memorial cycle race and the Collie to Donnybrook and return

Cycling Classic.

4.     Velodrome.

5.     Increase the growth of cycling and the social atmosphere.

6.     Interact with other cycling & sporting entities.

7.     Encourage a Competitive & Social riding environment.

8.     Expansion of cycling, both social and competitive.

9.     Promote fitness & wellbeing.