Past Champions

1962 Collie

Collie Mail photo Thursday March 1, 1962: John Bavera, Colin Rossiter, Stewart Bonser & Evan Strudwick


Collie Velodrome: Flooded duringa rain storm in December 2012

Eddie Hunt 1962

The photo above was taken of Eddie Hunt winning the 1962 Collie to Donnybrook & Return Classic

What year did you win the Collie to Donnybrook?


How did your cycling days begin?

When Eddie married his good wife Dorothy Lloyd, he was taken in by her three big brothers Bill, Ralph and George who all cycled for Belmont Wheelers.

The Collie to Donnybrook brings back special memories for past riders. What are your fondest memories of racing the Collie to Donnybrook race?

The prestige of wining such a race. With the winnings the Eddie & his wife Dot where able to buy a car.

Funniest moment?

When all the back riders in the 1962 race thought they had caught the front riders but no one saw little Eddie Hunt ahead.

Who is the best rider you have raced against or have seen?

Barry Waddell, the Oliver's & Sucklings.

Are you involved in cycling these days?

No not riding but follow it, come to the Collie to Donnybrook every year and watches the big races such as the Tour de France as a priority. A few years ago went to the Australian Tour in Adelaide.

What are you doing these days outside of cycling?

Enjoying retirement and the grand kids. Drive around WA a lot.

2012 winner

2012: The first female winner in the history of the Collie to Donnybrook & Return Classic- Leonie Burford

Winners 2012

2012 Collie to Donnybrook award winners

Mark Goulbourn

2012 Mark Paget: Cycling Australia Masters National Road Champion- Goulbourn