The past few weeks have been extremely encouraging in regards to the Saturday morning road rides and the growing numbers of participants.

With the hot weather now on our doorstep it has been suggested and agreed by members of the group that we change the start time of the ride to 7am for the next few months.

Remember if you know of anyone that has 2 wheels and are looking for a ride then please pass on information about the ride and the change of time and encourage them to come along.

A reminder to all thatSaturday morning rides are designed to cater for all levels of riders from beginners to national champions (yes Mark rides with us). We all go out together and come home together. This is an out and back ride where riders will get a chance to ride at there own pace before meeting at a certain point and riding slowly back into town together. If you are just learning or looking for some help starting outthereare also some handy riders withexperience and knowledgewho are more than happy to help get you started and provide advice.

The most important part of the ride is the finish where we stop for coffee (or thickshakes, whatever floats your boat!) at Macca's and chew the fat about whats happened for the week.

We look forward to seeing you outside Crankin Cycles over the coming weeks at 7am on Saturday mornings. See you there!McCafe 2