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The Tom Lowry Memorial Event weekend

3rd & 4th May 2014

Saturday afternoon

  • Non-technical course: Fast and flat
  • Enclosed course at the Collie Motorplex
  • 1.6km criterium course


  • Showers and camping facilities are available at the Collie Motorplex.
  • Light refreshments will also be available at the Motorplex.
  • Presentations will be held on the grassed area at the Motorplex
  • Registration desk opens at 12.30pm

Sunday morning

  • Road race distances:
  • 105km: 5 laps,
  • 84km: 4 laps,
  • 63km: 3 laps


  • For the Sunday event registration opens at 9am inside the Federal Hotel (Start/ Finish line).
  • Presentations will be held in the Federal Hotel in the beer garden after the race.
  • Showers will be available at the Collie High School at the rear of the Federal Hotel after the race.


Start Lists:

Saturday Criterium at the Motorplex

  A Grade Men        
1   Ricky Andrews A Grade Men Northern Beaches CC
2   Shaun BAXTER A Grade Men Other
3   Jonathan BOLTON A Grade Men South Perth CC
4   Samuel DAVIS A Grade Men Peel District CC
5   Michael FREIBERG A Grade Men Midland
6   Anthony GIACOPPO A Grade Men Northern Districts WA CC
7   Nicholas GRAHAM-DAWSON A Grade Men Northern Districts WA CC
8   Bradeley HALL A Grade Men Roues Chaudes CC
9   Guy Kalma A Grade Men 225 Racing Club
10   Jackson MAWBY A Grade Men Northern Districts WA CC
11   Peter MCDONALD A Grade Men South West CC
12   Anthony MINCHIN A Grade Men ATTA
13   Lewis Purcell A Grade Men Northern Beaches CC
14   Mathew UPTON A Grade Men South Perth CC
15   Theodore YATES A Grade Men Northern Districts WA CC
  A Grade Women        
25   Dianne McAULIFFE A Grade Women South Perth CC
26   Emily MCREDMOND A Grade Women Peel District CC
27   Amanda NABI A Grade Women South Perth CC
28   Melissa ROBINSON A Grade Women South Perth CC
  B Grade (M&F) WOMEN      
35   Margot BIGGS B Grade (M&F) South Perth CC
36   Alicia BUCHANAN B Grade (M&F) Northern Districts WA CC
37   Natalie COMMONS B Grade (M&F) South West CC
38   Jade Haines B Grade (M&F) Track Cycling WA
39   Erin Kinnealy B Grade (M&F) South West CC
40   Alison RAMM B Grade (M&F) South Perth CC
41   Roberta Richardson B Grade (M&F) South Perth CC
42   Natalie ROBERTS B Grade (M&F) ATTA
43   Deborah VISENTIN B Grade (M&F) South West CC
  B Grade (M&F) MEN      
50   Connor BEARDSMORE B Grade (M&F) Northern Beaches CC
51   Dale Bloor B Grade (M&F) Midland CC
52   Tony DOHERTY B Grade (M&F) South West CC
53   Andrew Fitzgerald B Grade (M&F) Roues Chaudes CC
54   Patrick HAYBURN B Grade (M&F) Melville Fremantle CC
55   Nicholas LAWLER B Grade (M&F) South West CC
56   Andrew PATTERSON B Grade (M&F) Roues Chaudes CC
57   Chris ROBERTS B Grade (M&F) ATTA
58   Colin ROSE B Grade (M&F) Peel District CC
59   Brian Saunders B Grade (M&F) South Perth CC
60   Conor Sherwin B Grade (M&F) Roues Chaudes CC
61   Adrian SPINELLI B Grade (M&F) Northern Districts WA CC
62   Michael TAPSCOTT B Grade (M&F) Northern Districts WA CC
  C Grade (M)        
70   Joel Bertram C Grade (M) South West CC
71   Ryan Bradshaw C Grade (M) South West CC
72   Steve Camarri C Grade (M) South West CC
73   Jamie Coutts C Grade (M) South West CC
74   anthony doherty C Grade (M) South West CC
75   Josh Dunjey C Grade (M) Albany CC
76   Soeren Groen C Grade (M) South West CC
77   Marten HOWES C Grade (M) South West CC
78   Craig James C Grade (M) South Perth CC
79   Michael Jensen C Grade (M) Other
80   Lee JORDAN C Grade (M) Midland CC
81   ian kugler C Grade (M) South West CC
82   Jason LINAKER C Grade (M) South West CC
83   Bevan Tarratt C Grade (M) 225 Racing Club
84   Chris Visentin C Grade (M) South West CC
90   Hamish GOATER U/17 225 Racing Club
91   Ben HASTIE U/17 South West CC
92   Aidan Hollins U/17 Midland CC
93   Connor LAMBERT U/17 225 Racing Club
94   Lewis McCrea U/17 Midland CC
95   Locky Sice U/17 Midland CC
96   Kasey SMITH U/17 Midland CC
97   Hayden Turton U/17 Midland CC
98   Jayden Waters U/17 Northern Beaches CC
99   Craig Wiggins U/17 Albany CC


Sunday Lowry Memorial Road Race


  A Grade Men      
1   Ricky Andrews Northern Beaches CC
2   Craig Baker Roues Chaudes CC
3   Shaun BAXTER Other
4   Chris BEECK Other
5   Jonathan BOLTON South Perth CC
6   Matthew Chambers Midland CC
7   Samuel DAVIS Peel District CC
8   Luke ELLIS South Perth CC
9   Michael FREIBERG Midland CC
10   Anthony GIACOPPO Northern Districts WA CC
11   Chris GLASBY Roues Chaudes CC
12   Nicholas GRAHAM-DAWSON Northern Districts WA CC
13   Ian Gregory Melville Fremantle CC
14   Bradeley HALL Roues Chaudes CC
15   Julian Jacobs South Perth CC
16   Guy Kalma 225 Racing Club
17   Jonathan Lewis Midland CC
18   Wade LONGWORTH Peel District CC
19   Nicholas MATTOCK South Perth CC
20   Jackson MAWBY Northern Districts WA CC
21   Andrew McClurg ATTA
22   Peter MCDONALD South West CC
23   Brendon MENEY Midland CC
24   Anthony MINCHIN ATTA
25   Henry MORLEY Other
26   Ben O'CONNOR Other
27   Stuart PASSMORE Albany CC
28   Luke Pledger Peel District CC
29   Lewis Purcell Northern Beaches CC
30   Aaron SLAVIK Northern Districts WA CC
31   Sam SMITH South Perth CC
32   Doug STEWART Roues Chaudes CC
33   Mathew UPTON South Perth CC
34   Andrew WILLIAMS South Perth CC
35   Alexander WILLIAMSON Peel District CC
36   Theodore YATES Northern Districts WA CC
37   Brett STAPLETON  
38   David HIND  
  A Grade Women      
40   Anne Bramley Australian Time Trials Association
41   Zoe CLAYTON Midland CC
42   Rachel Hippolyte Northern Beaches CC
43   Katherine JOYCE South Perth CC
44   Liz LEYDEN Roues Chaudes CC
45   Dianne McAULIFFE South Perth CC
46   Emily MCREDMOND Peel District CC
47   Amanda NABI South Perth CC
48   Sue Parora South West CC
49   Melissa ROBINSON South Perth CC
  B Grade (M&F) WOMEN    
50   Margot BIGGS South Perth CC
51   Conchita Brodalka South Perth CC
52   Alicia BUCHANAN Northern Districts WA CC
53   Natalie COMMONS South West CC
54   Emma GOODWIN South Perth CC
55   Lorna HENSON South Perth CC
56   Erin Kinnealy South West CC
57   Alison RAMM South Perth CC
58   Roberta Richardson South Perth CC
59   Natalie ROBERTS ATTA
  B Grade (M&F) MEN    
70   Paul BAKKER South Perth CC
71   Andrew BALLAM South Perth CC
72   Connor BEARDSMORE Northern Beaches CC
73   jarrod bell Collie CC
74   Dale Bloor Midland CC
75   Michael Darlington South West CC
76   Martin DEPIAZZI Roues Chaudes CC
77   Tony DOHERTY South West CC
78   Andrew Fitzgerald Roues Chaudes CC
79   Tom Ford Northern Districts WA CC
80   Charlie Gargett Roues Chaudes CC
81   Stuart GEE South Perth CC
82   Jerard GHOSSEIN South Perth CC
83   Peter Gibbons South Perth CC
84   Ben Godridge South Perth CC
85   Patrick HAYBURN Melville Fremantle CC
86   Nicholas LAWLER South West CC
87   Peter MAH South Perth CC
88   David Manners South Perth CC
89   John Mitchell South Perth CC
90   Andrew PATTERSON Roues Chaudes CC
91   Alistair PATTERSON South West CC
92   Craig Pennell ATTA
93   Regan PYE South West CC
94   Josif Radisic Roues Chaudes CC
95   Michael REEVES South Perth CC
97   Colin ROSE Peel District CC
98   Brian Saunders South Perth CC
99   Conor Sherwin Roues Chaudes CC
100   Adrian SPINELLI Northern Districts WA CC
101   Michael TAPSCOTT Northern Districts WA CC
102   Mathew Wardynec South Perth CC
103   Andrew Mc Dowell  
  C Grade (M)      
110   Nigel ADCOCK South Perth CC
111   William ALLAN South West CC
112   Martin Anderson Albany CC
113   Neil ASHTON South West CC
114   Joel Bertram South West CC
115   Benjamin Blacklock Peel District CC
116   Dale Blincow South West CC
117   Graham Blincow South West CC
118   Ryan Bradshaw South West CC
119   John BUONVECCHI Peel District CC
120   Tim WILKINSON  
121   richard cook South West CC
122   Jamie Coutts South West CC
123   anthony doherty South West CC
124   Simon Lukas Dorling Collie CC
125   Derek Edmundson Other
126   Soeren Groen South West CC
127   Carlton Higgs Other
128   Marten HOWES South West CC
129   Alex Hughes Midland CC
130   Craig James South Perth CC
131   Michael Jensen Other
132   Lee JORDAN Midland CC
133   ian kugler South West CC
134   Freddy Landon Melville Fremantle CC
135   Andrew MCGRUDDY South West CC
136   Sam Pierce Other
137   Greg Prosser South West CC
138   Stephen ROBERTS South West CC
139   Patrick Saccani-Williams South Perth CC
140   James SHEPHERD South West CC
141   Michael SLEEGERS South West CC
142   Phil Smith South West CC
143   philip stevens Other
144   Barend Swart South West CC
145   Bevan Tarratt 225 Racing Club
146   Denny TEEDE South West CC
147   Chris Visentin South West CC
148   Adrian WOOD South West CC
149   Ryan Miller  
160   Hamish Anderson Albany CC
161   Matthew de Vroet Midland CC
162   Hamish GOATER 225 Racing Club
163   Ben HASTIE South West CC
164   Jack HODGES Midland CC
165   Aidan Hollins Midland CC
166   Connor LAMBERT 225 Racing Club
167   Bryce LANIGAN South West CC
168   David Lewis Midland CC
169   Lewis McCrea Midland CC
170   Callum PIETERSEN Midland CC
171   Locky Sice Midland CC
172   Kasey SMITH Midland CC
173   Hayden Turton Midland CC
174   Jayden Waters Northern Beaches CC
175   Craig Wiggins Albany CC





2016 Tom Lowry Memorial – Results

Congratulations to all riders, officials and volunteers who participated in the 74th Tom Lowry Memorial Road Race.


Tom Lowry Memorial (118km) - sponsored by the CFMEU

1st - Michael Freiberg - Midland CC - 3hrs 00min 31sec

2nd - Sam Smith - South Perth CC

3rd - Jacob Warman - Midland CC

4th - Alec Vukovich - South Perth CC

5th - Craig Wiggins - Albany CC


A Grade Women (84km) - sponsored by the CFMEU

1st - Rebbeca Mackey - Roues Chaudes CC - 2hrs 17min 56sec

2nd - Sarah Duffield - South Perth CC

3rd - Amanda Nabi - South Perth CC


B Grade Men (84km) - sponsored by Premier Coal

1st - Wayne Thompson -Roues Chaudes CC - 2hrs 17min 44sec

2nd - Martin Deiazzi - Roues Chaudes CC

3rd - Jesse Fergie

4th - Richard Quinlan - Peel District CC

5th - Alistair Patterson - 225 Racing Club


B Grade Women (60km) - sponsored by Premier Coal

1st - Kylie Anticich - Northern Beaches CC - 1hr 54min 46sec

2nd - Lorna Henson - South Perth CC

3rd - Jill Pope


C Grade Men (60km) - sponsored by Premier Coal

1st - Michael Darlington - South West CC - 1hr 41min 13sec

2nd - Marten Howes - South West CC

3rd - Shaun Hodges - Midland CC

4th - Rick Creswell - South West CC

5th - Darren Wallis - South West CC


U/17 Men (60km) - sponsored by Premier Coal

1st - Jordan Dawson - Peel Districts CC - 1hr 40min 32sec

2nd - Tyler Lindorff - Peel Districts CC

3rd - Luke Howe - Midland CC


U/17 Women (60km) - sponsored by Premier Coal

1st - Emily Mascaro - Midland CC - 1hr 54min 42sec

2nd - Emma Lendrum - 225 Racing Club

3rd - Laura Hodges - Midland CC


U/15 Men (30km) - sponsored by Premier Coal

1st - James Derrick - Midland CC - 53min 11sec

2nd - Oliver Bleddyn - Peel Districts CC

3rd – Courtland Wood - 225 Racing Club


U/15 Women (30km) - sponsored by Premier Coal

1st - Dharlia Haines - Peel Districts CC - 55min 29sec

2nd - Danica Wiggins - Albany CC

3rd - Hannah Waters - Northern Districts CC



The past few weeks have been extremely encouraging in regards to the Saturday morning road rides and the growing numbers of participants.

With the hot weather now on our doorstep it has been suggested and agreed by members of the group that we change the start time of the ride to 7am for the next few months.

Remember if you know of anyone that has 2 wheels and are looking for a ride then please pass on information about the ride and the change of time and encourage them to come along.

A reminder to all that Saturday morning rides are designed to cater for all levels of riders from beginners to national champions (yes Mark rides with us). We all go out together and come home together. This is an out and back ride where riders will get a chance to ride at there own pace before meeting at a certain point and riding slowly back into town together.  If you are just learning or looking for some help starting out there are also some handy riders with experience and knowledge who are more than happy to help get you started and provide advice.

The most important part of the ride is the finish where we stop for coffee (or thickshakes, whatever floats your boat!) at Macca's and chew the fat about whats happened for the week.

We look forward to seeing you outside Crankin Cycles over the coming weeks at 7am on Saturday mornings. See you there!McCafe 2

Good to see another great turn up at the Monday night time trial in trying windy conditions.

Once again don't forget for safety reasons to bring your tail light if participating.

Also don't forget the SWCC are riding the time trial course on Wednesday evening.

See you for the group ride Saturday at 8am or back at the time trial on Monday night at 6pm.

This weeks result are:









































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